Keith Bowie Chief Technology Officer of ENGAIZ shares his thoughts in this podcast

Mitigating Risks - Listen to this 5-Part Series

Mitigating Risk: Episode 1 (Part 1) – New Normal

What would be on top of a CIO’s mind regarding cybersecurity and Third-Party Risks during this pandemic?

Mitigating Risk: Episode 1 (Part 2) – Cybersecurity

Even the biggest institutions are still caught by surprise, considering they already have all the resources and IT teams. What is your thought on Cybersecurity risks?

Mitigating Risk: Episode 1 (Part 3) – Policies & Regulatory Bodies

With the ever-changing policies, how do you see regulatory bodies providing oversight to all these financial institutions regarding third-party risks?

Mitigating Risk: Episode 1 (Part 4) – Regulatory Enforcement Actions

About the recent regulatory enforcement actions and fines on large financial institutions.

Mitigating Risk: Episode 1 (Part 5) – Keith Bowie on his Research work at Columbia University

Providing Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework for Digital Financial in the Developing World.