Risk Intelligence

Cyber attacks have become more rampant making it hard to underwrite cyber insurance. Insurers, reinsurers and brokers not only need a way to continuously assess and monitor the insured companies, but also help improve their risk posture.


An automated and cost-effective third party vendor risk intelligence and assessment solution designed exclusively for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


SOC 2 or ISO 27001 : Attain certification 10x Faster and Cheaper. Platform + Audit Support to fast track your journey.


Provides the insights needed for your organization to make key business decisions.

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Enterprises increasingly depend on Third-Party Vendors to meet digital age challenges of technological innovation and heightened competition leading to increased risk.

Now more than ever, organizations face additional challenges in the form of increased focus on Sustainability,
Diversity & Inclusion
requiring organizations to re-balance their vendor portfolio.

Mitigating vendor risks requires more than just traditional risk assessments. It requires a new ‘mind-set’ and ‘technology-set’ change.

One that monitors the risk and reward of using vendors with increased societal benefits.

That’s why we are introducing the OPEN3PRX™.

Global Cyber crime damages are predicted to hit $10.5 Trillion by 2025.

Cybersecurity Ventures expects global cyber crime costs to grow by 15% per year over the next three years, reaching USD $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from USD $3 trillion in 2015.

Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $265 Billion By 2031.

The world will need to cyber protect 200 Zettabytes of data by 2025.

Is your organization ready?

Businesses both small and large will need to protect against financial losses from Cyber Crimes and Third Party Risks.


OPEN3PRX™ for Cyber Insurance

Our solution helps Insurers, Brokers and their Clients (Insured).

Specialty insurance coverage like Cyber Insurance will require a platform that will help insurers and brokers monitor technology risk of insured companies, feed into underwriting, enable cyber insurance sales and help the insured companies improve risk posture.

  • Businesses more than ever will need to protect from financial losses due to a data breach and ensure Cyber Insurance is part of their coverage.
  • Insurers and brokers will need to find more innovative ways to assess and continuously monitor their insured portfolio.

OPEN3PRX™ for Third Party Risks

Our solution helps both Enterprises and their Third Parties. From quick onboarding, due-diligence, inherent risk scoring, automated risk assessments, controls audit, remediation, recertification to reporting, we help organizations reduce effort and cost with their third party risk management lifecycle. You get the best of both.

  • For Enterprises – Easily build your third-party portfolio, instantly access risk intelligence, use our standard risk questionnaire or initiate your own assessments leveraging our easy-to-use customizable risk assessment frameworks saving time and cost. 
  • For Third Parties – Manage all your customers risk assessments in one single place. Assess once and share multiple times. Improve your risk posture, comply with industry regulations or standards.

OPEN3PRX™ for Certifications

Our solution helps Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises improve their risk posture and help with continued compliance with SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR or HIPAA.

  • SOC 2 or ISO 27001 10x Faster and Cheaper – we provide Platform + Audit Support to fasttrack your journey.
  • Improve your risk posture, comply with industry regulations or standards, fast track your journey to attaining SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification.
  • Leverage our Readiness Assessment, Intelligent Policies Builder, Pre-loaded SOC 2 or ISO 27001 frameworks, Vendor Risk Management, Personnel Compliance, Controls Remediation, Audit Readiness, Evidence Tracking.

OPEN3PRX™ for Risk Intelligence

The OPEN3PRX™ Risk Intelligence Report provides the insights needed for you to make key business decisions.

Through our partners, OPEN3PRX™ provides extensive coverage on Third Parties across 195 countries including the United States.


We analyze 100+ data elements backed by the leading credit bureau in the world and other credible data providers. It considers the following risk factors.

  • Business legal structure
  • Business and industry background
  • Director or Principal background
  • Cybersecurity posture
  • Financial Stability
  • Commercial Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Bankruptcy & Legal issues
  • Sanctions and Fraud
  • PEP
  • Adverse Media
  • Country Risk
  • ESG

International Standards

OPEN3PRX™ provides the most reliable Vendor Security Ratings and our assessment framework is based on international standards.

OPEN3PRX™ benefits both Enterprises and Third Parties

To create true value for your organization and help meet business objectives, your organization will need to closely engage with your third-parties more than ever.

Join the Global OPEN Third-Party Risk Exchange


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Companies looking to improve risk posture, strengthen internal controls and comply with SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA


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Companies looking to assess, manage and monitor risks of their third parties, partners and customers


Gain access to validated assessments, access risk maturity levels & ratings data of your third parties.




Be THE company that your customers will TRUST and will want to partner




Join the community of risk practitioner’s,assessors,appraisers and contribute to a safe and secure world.




Gain access to validated assessments, access risk maturity levels & ratings data of your third parties.

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Be THE company that your customers will TRUST and will want to partner

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Join the community of risk practitioner’s,assessors,appraisers and contribute to a safe and secure world.

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What are the industry experts saying about us?

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"By combining the power of Experian’s data with ENGAIZ’s risk analytics, businesses can gain the insights they need to make better business decisions and mitigate risk."

Hiq Lee
President of Business Information Services at Experian


"IDC believes that ENGAIZ with its AI-Driven Integrated Third-Party Engagement Platform, will be able to address many of the third-party governance, relationship and risk management challenges.”

Aaron Polikaitis
Vice President of Research

TPRI - Linda Tuck Chapman

"If your company is in the market for proven risk identification tools, actionable due diligence and risk ratings, or an AI enabled tool that help you manage contracts, costs, performance and drive innovation, ENGAIZ is the platform for you."

Linda Tuck Chapman
CEO - Third Party Risk Institute Ltd.

SIG - Dawn Tiura

"We truly are impressed with ENGAIZ's unique value proposition for organizations looking to manage, govern and mitigate third-party risks."

Dawn Tiura
President and CEO - Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

Media Update - Jai Chinnakonda

“Recent pandemic and global events have put tremendous stress on the first-line of defense in dealing with risk exposures related to third parties. Companies need a smart and easy way to access comprehensive risk intelligence on suppliers globally.”

Jai Chinnakonda
Founder, ENGAIZ

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Key Benefits

Quickly access Risk Assessments, Ratings and Insights.

Fast track onboarding

Cut short the 4-6 weeks it takes for risk assessments. Save effort and cost.

Automated near real time Monitoring

Peace of mind knowing that ‘blind spots’ are monitored 24×7.

Predictive Risk Insights

SMART Risk Insights promotes ‘proactive’ risk avoidance measures and better decision making.

Be THE company that your customers will TRUST and will want to partner.

Improve your Risk Posture

Ensuring that your organization has strong controls will help close deals faster.

Shorten sales cycle

Proactively sharing risk assessments improves your chance of getting short-listed in any competitive RFP process

Don't chase; Attract Customers

Attract customers proving you are secure in addition to your strong capabilities.

Advisory Services

Managed Advisory Services

Provide fully managed TPRM or Sustainability services for your enterprise clients leveraging our technical solution

Advise Third-Parties

Gain access to third-parties that are looking to improve their risk posture and promote sustainability

Grow your Risk Management Practice

Generate additional revenue stream and gain access to potential opportunities

As an Advanced Tier trusted AWS Partner, we meet specific criteria measuring us on Knowledge, Experience and Customer Success with AWS.

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