Is SOC 2, ISO 27001 journey taking time away from actual selling? Not sure of Privacy Regulations?
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OPEN3PRX™ offers Third Party Service Providers an integrated and automated solution to help your organization attain SOC 2, ISO 27001 certification or comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

We can help fast track your SOC 2 or ISO 27001 journey 10x Faster, Better and Cheaper.

Unlike our competitors, we just don’t offer a platform, we act as an extension to your team, right from readiness assessment to collaborating with your external auditor.

What is SOC 2?

Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on five ‘Trust Services Criteria’ – Security, Availability, Process Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy. The SOC 2 reporting standard is an audit opinion report on internal controls over a wide range of risk areas, including, but not limited to, organizational structure, IT, human resources, and third-party management.  
There are two types of SOC 2: Type I and Type II.
SOC 2 Type I
Assesses the design and implementation of your organizations security processes and controls at a specific point in time.  
SOC 2 Type II
Assesses the effectiveness of security processes and controls by observing operations over a period of at least 3-4 months. We recommend 6 months at a minimum.  

What is ISO/IEC 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 is the leading international standard focused published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) on information security that was developed to help organizations, of any size or any industry, to protect their information in a systematic and cost-effective way, through the adoption of an Information Security Management System.
The ISO 27001 certification involves the following.
Stage 1
This is the initial stage and it evaluates the readiness, design of processes and assess the right documentation and controls are in place to progress to Stage 2.
Stage 2
The second stage evaluates the evidence to prove your ISMS and controls are effective and that they meet the ISO 27001 requirements. As successful audit at this stage results in an ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 certification lasts 3 years starting from the date of initial certification.

Get Third-Party Attestation on GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). The GDPR’s primary aim is to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business. The GDPR was adopted on 14 April 2016 and became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. 
As the GDPR is a regulation, not a directive, it is directly binding and applicable, and provides flexibility for certain aspects of the regulation to be adjusted by individual member states.
We will help you with an independent Third-Party Attestation on GDPR compliance. 
AICPA’s AT-C 315 compliance attestation on GDPR helps mature your internal controls over GDPR compliance and can help you manage GDPR compliance risk beyond what internal risk assessments and internal audits provide. ATC 315 can identify deficiencies in internal controls, pinpoint areas for improvement, and will strengthen your organization’s GDPR compliance posture with a third-party independent attestation.


Complete a Readiness Assessment

  • Don’t know where to start ? Quickly complete a readiness assessment and find your gaps. 
  • Simply review auto-created action items and close one by one. 
  • Our internal experts will work with your team to create a plan.

Leverage our Intelligent Policies Builder

  • Whether your organization is focused on SOC 2 or ISO 27001, your draft policies are ready with a click of the button  
  • Don’t worry if your organization does not have the skills to complete those policies and procedures, we will guide you through the process. 
  • Track approvals, policy revision history all in one place.

Assess and Manage Vendor Risks

  • Enterprises are increasingly weary of vendors that demonstrate poor risk hygiene. 
  • Easily onboard vendors and complete risk assessments
  • Continuously monitor your vendors

Manage Employee Compliance

  • Onboard and offboard employees easily
  • Track employee acceptance of policies, security awareness training,  background checks 
  • Send reminders and alerts when new policies are published 

Remediate Control Gaps

  • Automatically identifies control gaps and generates remediation action items.   
  • Your team will also be able to create tasks and action items, assign to respective owners. 
  • Ensuring that your organization has strong mitigating controls will only increase your chances of closing deals faster and becoming a ‘Preferred Vendor Partner’.

Cybersecurity Testing

  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing 
  • Application Security Testing – vulnerabilities in source code, OWASP Top 10 reporting on the security level of a web application across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 
  • Infrastructure Security Testing –  network devices, servers, and IPs, to uncover vulnerabilities.