• Simple and Easy to use – Shed that unnecessary fat!

    Are you struggling with an add-on module to one of those large legacy platforms?

    Third-Party Governance and Risk Management needs to have its own solution and that’s exactly ENGAIZ is striving to provide – Simple and Easy.

  • Secure and Reliable - multi-instance database provides added data security

    ENGAIZ's multi-instance databases create dedicated, secure data environments for each organization. Your dedicated instance is focused on your own business and your data belongs to you.

    ENGAIZ cloud supports high availability and scalability with advanced security and access controls. Our solution is available on the public secure cloud or can be deployed in your own private environment.

  • Fast and Speed to Maturity – Get started in minutes!

    Your organization can get running in minutes. Designed to get you started from day one, our solution helps you push your third-party governance and risk management program attain higher maturity quicker.

  • Customizable and Configurable – we are not rigid!

    We let you customize and configure our platform to suit your organizations unique needs.