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The platform comprises of the
  • Strategic Engagement modules to meet both the requirements of Enterprise Customers (Vendor Management) and Vendor Partners (Partner Portal)

  • Ecosystem Collaboration - The platform provides for vendor managers to have a common collaboration and messaging portal / app with their vendors. Vendor Partners will have the ability to manage their customer engagement through the Partner Portal.

  • Reporting & Dashboard Central All governance reports and interactive dashboards

  • Core AI Engine that interprets the data and sends alert / notifications to manage Vendor Risks and Compliance.

A WIN-WIN Platform for Vendor Managers and Vendor Partners

  • Vendor Managers / IT Managers

  • Partner Portal

Enterprise Customers will have the ability to on-board vendors. Manage and track all Vendor Management Office (VMO) activities.


Manage and Mitigate Risks both ways. Perform Risk Assessment, Profiling, Market News and proactively mitigate Vendor Risks. Vendor Partners will have the ability to manage Account Risks.


For both Enterprise Customers and their Vendor Partners - Shorten cycle to review contracts (Service Agreements, Statement of Work). Our AI-Engine redlines clauses for your attention and learns to auto-accept standard clauses.

Integrated with eSignature features capable of workflow. Track contract compliance and delivery milestones.


Perform detailed Spend Analysis on your strategic vendors. Understand the spend with vendors, figure out mechanisms to control costs, track and manage invoices. Vendors can track and manage their Revenue Projections versus Actuals. Track Aging Invoices and Collections.


Create RFPs/RFIs/RFQs online and invite vendors. Compare and rate vendor responses. Vendor Partners will have the capability to internally collaborate and build a response for the RFP.


Manage and monitor vendor / account performance through a Balanced Scorecard. Auto-compute achievement versus target. OKRs (Objective Key Results) for Vendor Management and Account Management leaders.


Both Enterprise Customers and their Vendor Partners will have the ability to track and manage all service engagements across different lines of business.