NET ZERO goal cannot be achieved without engaging your third parties

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Lack of focus on sustainability initiatives pose a number of risks and costs for business including putting the company’s social license to operate at risk, reputational damage, consumer boycotts, exposure to legal liability, adverse actions by government, investors and business partners.

Our methodology will help you achieve your goals and will set your organization as a true leader steering away from ‘Greenwashing’.

Our solution helps BOTH enterprises and their third-party vendors to drive Sustainability Initiatives including measuring and reporting GHG Emissions.



OPEN3PRX™ makes it easy for both Enterprises and their Third-Parties to take the FIRST STEP by committing to the sustainability cause. 


It allows enterprises and third-party vendors to assess your ESG Program Maturity,  conduct a Materiality Assessment, Risks and Opportunities.

We measure your ESG program maturity against a benchmark framework.  

DEFINE Goals & Target

Define Goals and set Science Based Targets against material topics that impact your business. 


IMPLEMENT - Initiatives

Manage and track various sustainable initiatives to help you meet the goals your organization has set.  


Help MEASURE progress

Ability to measure and monitor progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

REPORT - We will become your ambassador

We will help your organization measure and report on GHG Emissions for Scope 1, Scope 2 and from upstream and downstream activities in the value chain (Scope 3) and publish your Sustainability Report. 

We promise to promote your company to
enterprises looking to add vendors supporting sustainable development goals. Together we can create awareness and make a difference.


We take an approach that offers encouragement and motivation for companies to adopt sustainable development goals.

Based on actions taken by your company, OPEN3PRX™ provides an assessment of the actions taken.


These are companies that have taken the first step by putting together policies and have started taking some actions in support of the UNGC Principles.


These are companies that have clear policies defined and have taken good number of actions in support of most of the UNGC Principles


These are companies that have clear policies defined, are public advocates, periodically reports progress on their website and have also taken tangible actions in support of most of the UNGC Principles.

Source : GHG Protocol


Our Sustainability Solution adopts the GHG Protocol standard on reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions.

For a limited time, we are providing all enterprises and third-party vendors free access to use the sustainability module within OPEN3PRX™

It’s our way of contributing and supporting this cause.

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